Top 8 Anti Inflammatory Spices

Anti Inflammatory Spices

Certain diseases with inflammation like arthritis can be treated with anti inflammatory. The sources of anti-inflammatory can be found in many spices. Spices are the better options because they are natural and have more flavors in food. However, you have to choose the spices carefully.

Besides that, spices also contain antioxidants and other compounds that are useful for your health and beautycare. If you are looking for anti inflammatory spices, you can consider the ideas we will share below.

Best Spices for Anti Inflammation

The following anti-inflammation herbs and spices are very great for you who have inflammation. These can be put into your diet:

1. Turmeric

Best Spices for Inflammation

One of the most popular spices that contain anti-inflammatory is turmeric. Turmeric offers both arthritis fighting ways and vibrant yellow color. To get the greatest benefits, you can combine turmeric and black pepper. You can also sprinkle them on roasted veggies for more delicious flavor.

2. Black Pepper

Spices that Help and Reduce Inflammation

It belongs to the most loved spices among people. Besides having anti-inflammatory, black pepper also offers pain reducing effect. Many people use black pepper to treat arthritis effectively. So, you can serve it into your daily dish.

3. Garlic

Natural Anti Inflammatory Spices

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties that are really good to fight inflammation effects. In this case, you need to thank to sulfur compound. To serve garlic, we recommend you to add it into egg & pasta dishes. So, the flavor will be great.

4. Cinnamon

Spices that have Anti Inflammatory Properties

Cinnamon can be considered as one of the tastiest spices. It can sweeten your apple pie recipe well. Besides its flavor, cinnamon also smells good. The anti-inflammatory contained in cinnamon helps you maintain insulin sensitivity. It will be a good idea to mix cinnamon into your morning oatmeal or pancake.

5. Cayenne

Best Anti Inflammatory Spices

Cayenne contains capsaicin. This ingredient gives peppers characteristic heat. It also offers anti-inflammatory benefits. If you are interested, you can try adding it to hot chocolate. Alternatively, you can consider using cayenne in rubs, marinades, and sauces.

6. Ginger

Top Anti Inflammatory Spices List

Ginger is often used to relieve stomach upset. However, the anti-inflammatory property is also useful to decrease arthritis symptoms. In addition, it can also prevent the forming of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

7. Cloves

Spices Good for Fight and Treat Inflammation

You can also add cloves into your diet because it offers anti-inflammatory effect. If you consume cloves regularly, it reduces the risk of pro-inflammatory cytokine in 7 days. this spice has strong flavor and smell that makes it more loved.

8. Saffron

Spices for Inflammation

Another best spice for anti-inflammatory is saffron. This can be used in rice or soup dishes. The flavor will be really pleasant. Its flavor is like vanilla so that you can also use it in chia seed pudding or oatmeal.

Anti-Inflammatory Spices for Arthritis

Those spices offer anti-inflammatory benefits. So, you can use them for certain treatment. One of the most popular ideas is to treat arthritis. In fact, million people in the United States are diagnosed to experience arthritis annually. So, those spices will be really helpful. Compared to other alternative medicines, those spices are safer and more effective because of the natural ingredients.

Anti inflammatory spices best to choose are turmeric, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, cloves and saffron.