6 Best Popular Anti Inflammatory Essential Oils

Anti Inflammatory Oils

Anti-inflammatory is very useful to treat various diseases like arthritis. You can find anti-inflammatory properties from different sources. One of them is from essential oil.

You can find natural anti inflammatory oils easily. The oils may come from trees and plants and this has been very popular since thousands years ago.

Essential Oils for Inflammation

There are many oils that offer anti-inflammatory but not all of them are proven yet. Here are some of the essential oils to reduce inflammation that have proven. So, you should consider using these essential oils for treatment:

1. Thyme

Essential Oils for Inflammation

This is a very popular herb that is usually used to give aromatic flavor to stew, soups, and meats. Studies show that this herb also contains anti-oxidative properties that can keep foods fresh in longer time. (read also anti inflammatory foods).

In medic, its antimicrobial activity can treat respiratory like bronchitis, cough, and throat. The anti-inflammatory properties contained can reduce COX-2 enzyme level up to 75%.

2. Rose

Best Natural Anti Inflammatory Oils

The essential oil from rose is well known with its sedative and antidepressant effects. They are very useful for those who experience depression, low self-esteem, despair, grief, nervousness, and insomnia.

Besides, rose also offers anti-inflammatory benefits. However, rose does not produce much essential oil. To get 1 oz of rose oil, you need to take around 50,000 roses. Rose has been an important treatment for skin problems which can be used to treat dry skin or itchy skin.

3. Clove

Anti Inflammatory Essential Oils

Besides the strong aroma and taste, clove is also often used in medicines. It can treat digestive problems such as abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, nausea, and indigestion.

It also has anti-inflammatory as well as anesthetic properties from its oil that can relieve pain on tooth and gums.

4. Eucalyptus

Essential Oils That Fight and Help Inflammation

This tree is well known with its pure oil. If you are looking for anti-inflammatory pure oils, you can find it from this tree. It can heal chest congestion, tummy aches, stuffy nose, and soothe headache.

More than it, this also has anti-inflammatory advantages. Its essential oil can also be used as antiseptic. In addition, this is also often used as antidote and insect repellent to insect stings and bites.

5. Bergamot

Essential Oils to Treat and Reduce Inflammation

This is a kind of fruit that has good flavor and smell. Its oil can be used to treat distress, motional problem, and physical fatigue. Besides its anti-inflammatory benefits, bergamot oils are also often used in perfumes. However, you cannot apply its oil directly to your skin because it can cause irritation.

6. Fennel

Anti Inflammatory Oils for Massage Skin Face Acne Muscles Pain Scalp Joints Eczema

This is a famous vegetable that is often used in kitchens. Its base is can be eaten and the leaves are usually used in various foods (read also anti-inflammatory spices).  Besides delicious, fennel seeds have great benefits. One of them is to reduce bloating & flatulence that are caused by indigestion.

Fennel essential oil contains active component called anethole. This works as anti-inflammatory activity. The studies say that anethole is very effective to treat inflammation. In addition, this is also very useful to prevent various cancers. However, you have to note that essential oils can only be used externally. So, it is not allowed to take them orally.